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Fast reliable service you can count on 

We have over 40 years of experience designing, supplying and sharpening state-of-the-art industrial cutting tools. Newer models of CNC machines along with technical know how, ensures you will receive properly maintained tools. Precision grinding with minimal stock removal guarantees optimal results. 

Tools designed to your specific needs

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Let us design the proper tool for your custom application. We don't manufacture tools in-house and  they are produced by our partners in Canada, USA and Europe.

We only distribute world-class quality tools.

We ensure your complete satisfaction with each and every tool purchased from us whether it is custom or standard. You will never buy a tool from us that is made in Asia as the quality is not there for industrial and professional applications. However, some of our partners do offer budget tools if required.

Precision sharpening service

Not happy with your current tool sharpening service? Give us the opportunity to introduce you to the Nordica Tool  difference.

CNC Saw blade grinding


Saw blade sharpening is how Nordica Tool has made a name for itself and is our bread & butter. Whether our own brand or another manufacturer’s cutting tools, our state sharpening center offers precision sharpening of carbide saw blades, solid carbide router bits, pre-mill cutters and other carbide tooling. Maintaining cutting angles to ensure the continued performance of all your cutting tools is an important aspect of proper service. Turnaround time is generally one week or less. On occasion, all we need is 24 hours to ensure you are not without your needed tools.

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