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CNC Nesting

Our brand, X-TremeBlue compression spiral bits are very long lasting solid carbide bits. We guarantee it or your purchase will be refunded.




Select the proper tool

Let us help you in determining the ideal tool for the job. Not all sizes are appropriate and sometimes choosing a different tool will make all the difference in your productivity.

Choose the right RPM and feed rate

The higher the RPM, the better the finish. Determining the right "chip-load" is essential to get the most out of your tool and the acceptable finished edge of your material. A rule of thumb is to feed your bit just to the point where the finish is no longer acceptable and back off 10% of it's rate of advancement. Your tool will last longer in this range. Remember heat is your enemy.

X-TremeBlue CNC router bits

You owe it to yourself to try our line of compression spiral bits. These are specially nano-coated to keep the cut cool by reducing friction. Our top-of-the-line carbide base ensures solid structure and special geometries make fast feed rates possible.

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